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  • SpotRight is the Only Company that Connects your CRM to Social Insights & Analytics, at Scale.

Customer Signals

Monitor the Voice of Your Customers in Real Time.

Most social listening platforms are focused on monitoring “every social conversation” for keyword mentions and specific #hashtags. While this data is interesting for social insights, it isn’t targeted and focused on your actual customers.

By linking your CRM to real-time social data, SpotRight turns these insights into action by identifying your brand ambassadors and at-risk customers to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Although our technology may be complex, the process is simple:

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“We believed that what our customers were saying in social media might be predictive. We were blown away to discover that SpotRight’s segments performed 70% better than our control group.”

VP, CRM & Loyalty
Fortune 500 DIY Company

Customer Insights

Discover The Social Interests and Brand Affinities of your Customers

Every day, your customers are sharing their interests and brand preferences through social media. How can you tap into this data to better market to them?

By linking your CRM to the social behaviors of your customers, SpotRight identifies your customers’ favorite brands, their top interests, and their connections to your top competitors.

Fortune 500 companies have used our Customer Insights Solutions to improve customer retention, increase sales, and acquire new customers.

  • Fastest, best way to affordably tap into your “Social Voice of Customer”
  • Benchmark how your customers are engaging on social with your brand vs. your competitors
  • Activate influential Customer Advocates who can drive viral sales

Powerful, Flexible Solutions for Customer Insights:

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“SpotRight’s data helps us reduce customer churn. Since focusing the social signals on just our customers, we’ve seen a 3x return on our marketing spend.”

Director of Marketing
Fortune 100 Company


A Cloud-Based Data & Analytics Platform

SpotRight’s GraphMassive™ data asset is a dynamic map of billions of consumer relationships and interests across social media. GraphMassive is built specifically for data-driven and brand marketers who want to activate social insights on their existing customers, reduce churn, and acquire new customers.

With over 300MM scored profiles and 10+ billion connections, GraphMassive is the largest consumer graph database of scored profiles anonymously linked to offline data.

GraphMassive by the Numbers:

  • 300 Million Scored Profiles
  • 35 Billion Social Graph Relationships
  • 80 Million Consumer Profiles linked to Individual level data
  • The industry’s only searchable consumer graph

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