GraphMassive™ Activates Social Graph Data to Support Billions of Dollars Invested in Digital and Brand Marketing

Boulder, CO – September 4, 2013 – SpotRight, the first social data company created to meet the specific needs of data-driven marketers, announced today the launch of GraphMassiveTM, a proprietary social graph that delivers new customer insights, targeting capabilities and measurement.

SpotRight is the only social data company capable of providing rich customer insights distilled from social interests and connections across the social graph giving marketers access to premium new audiences for improved customer acquisition and loyalty. “With the exploding amount of data available today, we built GraphMassive for brands to uniquely understand, activate and measure the impact of social data,” said Ed Messman CEO of SpotRight. “By incorporating data from the social graph into traditional marketing, brand and agency marketers can dramatically scale audience targeting, inform social advertising and accelerate personalized marketing.”

GraphMassive pulls from over 300 million social profiles, and billions of connected relationships, giving brands an unprecedented view of how their existing customers are connected to other brands and like-minded consumers. For the first time, marketers can activate these social insights by targeting the relationships of like-minded consumers with similar spending habits across digital and social channels. SpotRight’s “birds of a feather, buy together” theory has been validated in early findings of connected consumers who share similar lifestyles and purchasing behaviors. SpotRight will be announcing these initial findings in the coming weeks.

Precision Dialogue, a leading Customer Engagement Agency (CEA) ranked by Forrester in their CEA Wave report, has partnered with SpotRight to prove the value of the social graph for large data driven brands. “SpotRight’s social graph data and insights have helped us to uncover valuable segmentation and personalization strategies to increase loyalty and ROI,” said Tom Ragen, CEO Precision Dialogue. SpotRight and Precision Dialogue will be presenting with Sherwin-Williams in October at the annual DMA conference on “Applying Social Data and Graph to Multi-Channel Strategies”.


About SpotRight

SpotRight, founded in 2010, is the first social data company created to meet the specific needs of data-driven marketers. SpotRight offers solutions that help brands activate their CRM data by making the connection between their customer database and the rich social insights and relationships across social media. Using this distilled big data, brands can create stronger marketing programs that identify and acquire new audiences, reduce churn, and improve the overall relationship they have with their customers.