Social Audience Insights Bring Better Results to Automaker and Their Agency


The client is a leading auto manufacturer with an impressive legacy of innovation and a loyal customer base. However the manufacturer is looking for growth with new, younger audiences. With the automotive industry’s heavy use of mass media, the client knows they need to better understand consumers to reach the new audience they are targeting.


The automaker wanted to learn about the consumers engaging with their March Madness TV campaign, but their existing listening platform was unable to tell them who was engaging with the TV campaign. It could only provide what anonymous people were saying, which did not give the client enough information to understand whether or not their campaign was resonating with the right audiences.


SpotRight analyzed the millions of Twitter profiles that were engaging with campaign. The insights provided went beyond social behavior to include lifestyle, demographic and interest behaviors. SpotRight’s insights enabled the client’s agency to actively optimize the campaign in real time by tweaking messaging to reach the intended audience.


The client’s agency was able to learn whether they were attracting the right audience and react accordingly. They measured campaign efficacy and optimized ads leveraging social insights, which they had not been able to do before. They measured campaign engagement and continually adjusted their content until they reached their target audience. Want more information? Contact us at