Over the last several years how we consume media has changed dramatically. No longer do you flip through a magazine, you scroll through it. You don’t have to pack ten books to read at the beach when you can have 100 titles on your Kindle. Remember huddling around the television set to watch the season finale of Seinfeld, and then discussing your disappointment around the water cooler the next day?

When was the last time you watched a non-sporting event live and discussed it the next day (or that night)? Now you delay watching shows so that you can watch them on your time…via DVR or Hulu, on your iPad or mobile phone, or holding off until you can binge watch all episodes, all seasons over your holiday vacation.

One television show that demands you watch live is geared towards millennials, a group that is known for short attention spans and multi-tasking. Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family has turned into must see (live) TV because of the use of the second screen.

The actresses on the show have extremely active social presences and getting your tweet retweeted by one of them is akin to writing a letter to your favorite star and getting a signed, personalized message back. As for why the show is best watched live, you only have to look at what is trending on Twitter on any given Tuesday night it is aired to see what is happening on the show…unless you don’t want the spoiler that #CharlesIsA.

Pretty Little Liars has proven that that you can get younger audiences to engage with your brand, but you have to use the correct medium and the correct message. At the same time, you don’t want to alienate any of your loyal customers.

Unsure of if your loyal customers are Pretty Little Liar fans? That’s where social insights come in. The ability to connect activity on social media to real people could be the missing link for marketers when trying to reach new audiences, and especially with groups that use media differently than their typical prospects.

It’s not enough to know that collectively the four stars and the PLL show itself have over 16 million Twitter followers (even removing duplicate followers – that’s still a T.O.N. of people), forward thinking brands need to understand the interests of the audiences they want to engage so they can talk to them in a way that is relevant, that matters. To do this, bridging social activity to a group’s characteristics can become the foundation of a successful campaign, and ultimately a strong relationship.