The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape. -Bono

I have never successfully started a global movement; though throughout much of my teenage and adult life I have raised local awareness, volunteered, and organized teams for varied causes including engaging the deaf community, mentoring to reduce child illiteracy and delinquency, constructing houses for Habitat for Humanity, participating in foreign mission trips, and my most unusual assignment to date: shoveling elephant poo at Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary. Currently, my family serves as a foster family helping to address the need of over 400,000 children #ReMoved from their homes and in the foster system, best depicted here through the eyes of a child.

Take, for instance, the female image battle waged by @ProcterGamble’s @Always brand feminine products. (Sidebar: Growing up as a young lad in Arkansas, I did not contemplate having daughters nor anticipate ever writing a piece in support of a feminine products brand, yet here I am). By now, you surely have seen the @LeoBurnett created #likeagirl campaign for @Always including the SuperBowl commercial and most recently unveiled “unstoppable” sequel, which had nearly 22 million views as of this writing.

As a father of 2 daughters, I was touched and encouraged by the challenge to girls to reject the phrase “like a girl” to mean anything but a symbol of strength. As moving as it was to see the youngest girls in the original video with no concept of the term being used derogatorily, it is inspirational to hear some of the pre-SuperBowl campaign results—76% of women and 59% of men aged 16-24 positively changed their perception of “like a girl” and 81% of women thought it could change female stereotypes—and to see the subsequent pictures, stories, and videos of those embracing #likeagirl with pride.

A simple but impactful message on its own was made ubiquitous through the viral effect of social media, an unprecedented phenomenon for social change. Indeed, it is an amazing time to be solving problems in the world of social media.

Powered by a team of extraordinary individuals, SpotRight in fact sits at the intersection of 4 extremely powerful sectors for change—analytics, big data, marketing technology (i.e., martech), and social media—at a point in history in which the need to unlock their combined value is significant. Certainly, we are well-positioned to do that and will help shape the world of consumer engagement, but you should know that our aim is higher than that.

We get great satisfaction helping the world’s greatest brands create a better life for their employees and customers, and equally creating an incredible work environment for our own team. And occasionally we get a chance to work on something with pronounced social impact, which reminds us that we are engaged in something larger than purely corporate objectives.

At SpotRight, our culture is one of excellence bolstered by integrity and service, with an unstoppable tenacity to make a difference. And, not surprisingly, SpotRight associates care as deeply about shaping the world as they do about doing great work. It seems obvious to us that those that can should help those that cannot, and that hatefulness, intolerance, and disrespect (and often, just mere apathy or ignorance) should be exposed and remedied.

When looking at issues like those of abused and neglected children, the numbers are daunting and demoralizing when your efforts feel individual and local. Regardless, we know that while we cannot fix everything, as Earthly neighbors we also know intuitively we cannot sit back and do nothing. Fortunately, it has never been more true that one company, one person, even one message can ignite a movement or alter a paradigm.