The Customer Journey is the Sum of a Customer’s Experiences 

When most marketers plan their ideal customer journey, the milestones are usually marked by some sort of transaction. But how do consumers get from point A to point B along their journeys? And more importantly, how can marketers ensure the journey is a positive one? In this interview, customer experience master David Vap gives practical advice on:

  • Where to find insights to fill in the blanks between transactions
  • How to bring social conversations into a meaningful feedback loop with the business
  • Who’s doing a good job at CX and their lessons learned

Meet David Vap:
David is Group Vice President, Oracle Applications Development, where he is responsible for driving product strategy and management for the cloud-based Oracle customer services products and for aligning the strategy for the customer experience portfolio. A 20-year veteran of technology and customer experience, David has also served in executive roles at RightNow, Software AG, and Artesia Technologies.