How much do you know about your target audiences? In order to generate awareness and move them to action, it’s vital to have a compelling message that speaks to your potential customer.

Interests – How does your audience spend their time when they’re not engaging with you? Do they love reality entertainers, Latino music or NBA players – or are they too busy with outdoor sports to even notice those guys?

Brands – What brands does your audience like? Do they Walmart or Whole Foods? Forever XXI or Versace? Big difference.

Demographics – Millennial or Boomer or somewhere in between? Age matters – and so does your target audience’s family make up, geographic location, and much, much more.

Attitudinal – Liberal or conservative, Fox News or CNN, religious or non. Every aspect can and should influence how you speak to these consumers!

Charities – What causes/charities do they care about? Does your audience care more saving puppies or donating blood?

Spotright’s PersonaBuilder can figure out the top followed restaurant of a married twenty-five-year-old female who loves Old Navy and has a white collar job or the preferred news outlet of a fifty-year-old male who eats at Chipotle and loves baseball. Our technology can pinpoint the top interests, brands and more of a huge audience, like Ellen’s twitter followers.

Do you know your brand’s audience? Do you know who else your followers follow? Where do you fit in on their timeline? And how can you use that to your advantage? Pinpointing this data is first step in building a compelling marketing strategy that affects your bottom line.