The Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) is the nation’s largest renaissance fair with over seven weeks of events, food and 16th century-inspired fun. The festival takes place north of Houston, TX on 55 acres and is transformed into an authentic 1500s English village. Over 500,000 people will flock to the fest to watch or participate in events such as jousts, elaborate costume contests, fire whip shows and plays – not to mention exploring the nearly 350 “shoppes” and food options throughout. There are themed weekend events as well as “School Days” for elementary classes to visit on field trips. There really is something for everyone at the TRF.

With a fair that has such a niche interest group but a huge number of attendees, who are the true fans of the Texas Renaissance Festival? Who attends and where are these half a million people coming from?

We dove into SpotRight’s data to understand these fans of the nation’s largest renaissance fair. When we look at geography, typically the audience will be spread out, similar to the population of each state. The higher the population, the higher the percentage of followers. When we compared the national baseline to these Twitter followers, there was a noticeable difference.

Eighty-five percent of TRF’s Twitter followers live in Texas – over ten times the average of the baseline. That means approximately 12,200 of the 14,300 followers live in Texas. When we look at some of the top brands among these followers, we see even more ties to Texas. The Alamo Theater in Houston was the number two top-followed brand by index. House of Blues Houston and H-E-B, a Texas chain grocery store, were within the top ten followed brands by count.

In the brand summary, grocery stores ranked number one by index and included Whole Foods Houston, Whole Foods Austin and Twin Liquors, an Austin-based liquor store.

Does this mean the nation’s largest renaissance festival really only brings in people from Texas? And how can the festival organizers leverage this information? Well, we recommend a national partnership with Whole Foods. The data shows that Renaissance Fair fans are interested in a high end shopping experience and a wide variety of healthy food. Partnering with Whole Foods on a national level would allow organizers to reach a similar demographic in other parts of the country and provide a unique platform to promote the fair and generate interest.