Originally published on January 21, 2016, in honor of Throwback Thursday and our own New Year’s resolutions, enjoy this post about how marketers can capture the eyes and hearts of would-be fitness buffs everywhere.

Now is the time of year where 99.5% of us have failed in following through on our New Year’s Resolutions. But it was fun while it lasted! For those of you who decided that 2016 was the year to #BeActive or #GetFit then step one was most likely getting new workout clothes (followed closely by purchasing a gym membership that you will never use).

For many marketers, this means the focus has shifted from toys and electronics to athletic gear. Around our office, a few yogis suggested we take a deep dive into the yoga Eka-Pada-Chakrasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Melaudience. Who are these would-be flexletes, and what do they wear? Marketers know that not all yoga apparel is created equal and that the people purchasing the gear is varied as well.

SpotRight analyzed the followers of @Gaiam, @Lululemon, @Prana, @Athleta and @Fabletics. It should surprise no one that the followers of each are majority female, but which brand best represents both sexes? 35% of @Prana followers are male, a significant increase over @Fabletics with only 15% of male followers. The age of the followers varies as well; a younger demographic follows @Fabletics and @Lululemon. So if you’re trying to reach a young, female segment of yoga practitioners, advertising to those who follow @Fabletics may be the way to go.

If you want a young population with a high income you’re better off marketing to followers of @Lululemon, who are more likely to have an income of $500,000 or greater, overindexing at 497% to the baseline population. If you want to use hashtags that appeal to all yogis, there are a couple that overindex for most of the the follower groups. While #yoga is obviously a hashtag frequently used, to show your knowledge of the groups you may choose to tweet using the hashtags #sweatpink and #fitfluential. In addition to being a popular hashtag, @fitfluential is a top mention by followers.

An additional similarity between the groups is the time of day they tweet. Wednesday at 9 pm EST is the most likely time to find these followers. The below is the activity chart for the followers of @Prana, but it is quite similar to the other segments we looked  at, exclusive of @Fabletics. JB yoga twitter activity Popular brands these groups all have an interest in are @JadeYoga, @BeyondYoga, @lucyactivewear, @MandukaYoga and @ExhaleSpa, so there is an extremely high interest in other yoga brands with these segments.

Moral of the story? Perhaps some good marketing at the right time of day, capturing the right interests and speaking the right language could help those of us with fitness aspirations stay on track. Or on the mat. Please! We need all the help we can get!