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TruMC is a leading agency that started as a Hispanic media planning and buying group back in 2008, and now creates end-to-end marketing solutions for major brands to establish meaningful connections between brands and their consumers.


TruMC uses data-driven insights as the foundation for their strategies, but has found it can be difficult to uncover insights on a wide variety of brands, such as a client’s competitor. In addition, research can be very time intensive and, depending on the data source, quite costly.


TruMC engaged with SpotRight to have access to insights across the board, without limitation to certain brands. They’ve found SpotRight’s PersonaBuilder app to be a cost-effective solution to better understand the interests and brand preferences of various audiences for both new and existing clients.


TruMC has won several new accounts since incorporating SpotRight’s audience insights into their new business pitches. They’ve also been able to leverage these insights as a part of their competitive benchmarking, brand planning, and to find new insights about clients’ customers.

The ability to create a persona is great, especially when you are launching a new brand or developing its go to market plan. We’re helping our clients understand who the consumer base is going to be. This is excellent!

Yousef Kattan Fernández

Founder/President/CEO TruMC