Originally published on March 23, 2016, we repropose this Ode to Peeps in honor of the upcoming Easter holiday.

Confession time. As a kid, I liked Peeps. I also liked cotton candy and giant lollipops and everything else that I now tell my child will rot his teeth and cause cavities. But it’s Easter, which means Peeps are in stores everywhere, telling me that someone is purchasing these dyed sugar balls….enough so that 1.5 billion of them are consumed each spring.

Who is tweeting about Peeps helps us understand who is purchasing Peeps. #Peeps tweets skew female and 40% of the tweeters are between the ages of 31 and 45. Those with an income of $500,000 or greater are 2.87 times more likely to tweet about Peeps, which is a good thing because they’ll need that income for dentist bills. We can also see that this group is likely to be married with children aged 2 – 10. JB Peeps incomeJB Peeps Gender

People who tweet #peeps are very active on social media, but especially around 9 pm EST from Sunday through Thursday.  The hashtags they use (#iartg and #asmsg), the people they mention and retweet, and their highest indexing interest handles tell me this group is most likely made up of authors working on writing and publishing a book and also reviewing other authors’ books. They also overindex for handles within the parenting and social media influencers categories.

The brands that the group of #peeps tweeters follow are CPG and child product brands, including Krusteaz, Farm Rich Snacks, Entenmann’s, Luv’s diapers and wipes and VTech Toys.

So if I worked for the agency supporting Peeps’ wild success, I might consider partnering with goodreads somehow, or maybe ask some of my author fans to write about Peeps on Medium in exchange for their weight in Peeps – who knows! But for sure, I have a better understanding of this sweet-toothed audience and that would help me provide more value to them.  

Using the SpotRight reports I’ve been able to draw one main  conclusion about the people tweeting about, JB Alexander Hamilpeepand most likely purchasing and consuming, Peeps:  this group needs that sugar power after a day with children and working on getting a book written and published.

This year the only way I personally want Peeps is as Alexander Hamilpeep.