Originally published on December 22, 2016, we’d thought you’d enjoy this holiday throwback from last year! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Hanukkah starting on Saturday, Christmas on Sunday, Kwanzaa on Monday and Festivus tomorrow, reasons for celebrations abound. In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, we’re giving our true loves 12 fun facts about holiday revelers so they (and you!) can amaze and delight family and friends with your festive knowledge at parties and feasts throughout the season.

We took a holiday sleigh ride through our trove of consumer insights, looking at people who are fans of holiday handles or tweeting about Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivus, or those who simply say “Happy Holidays.” We created three groups to analyze in PersonaBuilder: Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivus/Happy Holidays and here’s what we found:

#1 If someone tells you, “Happy Holidays,” it’s 103% more likely to be a man than a woman.


#2 Know someone who will binge watch a TV show or two over the holidays? Our research says these shows will probably be on the line up: season one of Stranger Things, any of the bagillion episodes of Star Trek or Saturday Night Live.


#3 All three groups like Japanese cars, with Honda being the most popular car among Hanukkah fans and Happy Holidayers, and Nissan taking the top spot for Christmas celebrators.


#4 Krispy Kreme donuts might be on a holiday breakfast table or two, coming in as the third most popular restaurant among Christmas fans, #4 for happy holidayers and #7 for Hanukkah fans.


#5 The New York Times is the most popular news source for these holiday merry makers.


#6 The Vulture ranks the Festivus episode of Seinfeld as the 127th of the show’s 169 episodes.


#7 Christmas fans are more interested in fictional characters than the average bear. Some of their favorites are Princess Anna, Chuck Bass and Evan Peters.


#8 Hanukkah holidayers are very interested in parenting tips and follow bloggers like Melissa Chapman, the Parenting Squad and Cher Kachelmuss.


#9 Happy holiday well-wishers are likely very interested in politics, with both political media and politicians themselves resulting high in the list of topics of interests. Be aware of this when you sit down to lunch and think about conversation topics!


#10 Top brands followed by members of all three groups include CNN, Twitter, Starbucks, ESPN, Amazon and Netflix.


#11 Someone celebrating Hanukkah is 164 times more likely to follow El Al Airlines on Twitter than someone celebrating Christmas.


#12 Our proprietary algorithm shows that someone celebrating a holiday they love is 236 times more likely to have fun than someone who is not.*


  • Calculated on findings from an internal office poll