Your Perfect Influencer Doesn’t Have to Match Your Perfect Budget

If you don’t have a platform of 100 million plus participants at your event you can use to lure your influencer of choice to perform for free, listen up. If you can’t afford a Super Bowl spot, this is for you.

You’ve got options. You can still take advantage of Super Bowl mania, hype and buzz. You can even reach those people who only tune in to see the half time show and the ads.

Here’s the deal. The people watching the Super Bowl or listening to Justin Timberlake also watch other events, TV shows, listen to other musicians (probably on streaming services) and give brands like yours loads of opportunities to be reached with YOUR message! Even if you want to run ads on YouTube, social or display during the big game in case your audience is second/third screening it, you can start running your ads beforehand to create momentum and buzz.

But how can you reach the Super Bowl or JT audience without spending $5M+ for 30 seconds of glory? The answer is simpler than you may think…

Full disclosure: the SpotRight platform is the perfect tool to solve this conundrum so I’m going to walk through how to use it to target exactly who you want. I don’t know of any easier way!

First things first.

You’ve got to understand key features about who you’re targeting – what they find interesting, what life stage they’re in, what they like to buy. Use this knowledge to understand if you are using the right tone. The right images. The right channel. Are you making them an offer they can’t refuse?

Let’s say you work for a large snack food brand, which is really popular at parties (like Super Bowl parties, just to offer a random example).  If you wanted to target people who follow Justin Timberlake, they look like this:

If you want to try to capitalize on Super Bowl parties for a specific campaign, you might want to catch the intersection of people engaging with BOTH Justin Timberlake AND the Super Bowl, and they look like this:

Not the same group.

Let’s say you think the Justin Timberlake + Super Bowl group is a better fit for this particular campaign. You can confirm that this is your target looking at the brands they engage with. Notice the plethora of snack food brands:

You can also look at their grocery buying styles – these people definitely spend money in the right categories:

This looks like exactly who you want to target with your Super Bowl party campaign.

Time to target.

Armed with this insight, I can go into the SpotRight platform to create an audience of people who look just like those Super Bowl plus Justin Timberlake fans and then onboard that audience into across a host of digital marketing platforms.

Our algorithm uses artificial intelligence to determine the ~4,000 data points that make this group most unique, and then creates a custom model to build a people-based audience. The audience is broken into three groups: platinum, gold and silver, so that you, Señor Snack Brand, can turn the dials between precision and reach to make sure that you hit your campaign KPIs while staying within your budget.

For my snack brand Super Bowl campaign, we found ~20,000,000 people to target in a truly multichannel campaign. Snacking serendipity.

image source