Case Study


The client is a leading advertising technology company that delivers superior results for advertisers and publishers by connecting the right consumers with the right advertisers at the right time. The company has built unique technology and an ecosystem of partnerships to enable a sophisticated mix of search and display ads that are highly viewable, relevant, and calibrated to enhance the user experience.


In a competitive business category with high pressure to control media costs and deliver results, the company is constantly looking for ways to enable smarter targeting. The ad tech firm often runs hundreds of campaigns at a time and simply finding the right targeting for each campaign, while managing performance and budget, can become a challenge in terms of time and resources.


The digital publishing group’s main goal is to attract and acquire high value audiences for their web properties, which can then be monetized. They used SpotRight first to identify and understand the best target for three product groups, and then to create custom audiences based on their criteria. SpotRight’s artificial intelligence engine analyzed billions of connections between different people, brands, media, influencers, auto ownership, lifestyle preferences and more to identify the characteristics that were most important to the audiences for each vertical, and then built unique audiences for each group.

Facebook is one of the main traffic sources for the digital publishing group, and was the channel used for these campaigns. To be successful, the SpotRight audiences needed to deliver better results than Facebook’s native targeting and the client’s own historical targeting selections – not an easy task!


Running campaigns in three different industries, automotive, finance and anti-aging, SpotRight’s audiences clearly outperformed both Facebook’s native targeting and the targeting selections the client typically used!

SpotRight’s automotive audience achieved:

  • 32% lower cost per click (CPC) and a 15% higher click through rate (CTR) than ads served to the control group
  • 21% lower CPC than ads using the company’s own targeting selections in the Facebook platform

SpotRight’s financial audience achieved:

  • 31% higher click through rate (CTR) than ads served to the control group
  • 4% higher CTR than ads using the company’s own targeting selections in Facebook

SpotRight’s anti-aging audience achieved:

  • 61% higher CTR with a 41% lower CPC than ads served to the control group
  • 47% lower CPC than ads using the company’s own targeting selections

All in all, SpotRight’s AI audience engine successfully built the right people-based audiences to deliver more efficient and cost-effective results for the client’s highly performance-oriented campaigns!

If you’d like to see our platform in action and learn how SpotRight could help improve your campaign performance, watch the demo here!