Insurance Marketer Drives Double-Digit Growth

Case Study


Alliant provides consumer marketers and their agencies with innovative, data-driven audience optimization solutions that deliver marketing insight for profitable growth. To do this, Alliant blends predictive data with smart data science to uncover strategic insights.


Alliant’s client is a leading health and life insurance company, whose go-to channel for acquisition is direct mail. However, the insurer struggled to find enough qualified prospects to scale the success of the program. They challenged Alliant to produce an audience of prospects incremental to their existing data sources – and capable of achieving aggressive KPI goals.


When packaging prospect audiences for direct mail targeting, standard practice is to start with a baseline of consumers who have recently responded to direct mail offers. While recency and response channel are indeed powerful predictors, Alliant needed to innovate a different approach to uncover a new stream of prospects beyond what they were getting from other providers.

Alliant turned to SpotRight’s behavioral insights from social and other sources to augment Alliant’s vast transactional consumer database. SpotRight created a cross reference between its universe and Alliant’s to allow Alliant to uncover new behaviors and characteristics about the consumers they already know. Alliant’s data science team leveraged this integrated solution and SpotRight’s AI to create a unique, custom audience for this campaign, leveraging affinities for health and medical brands, including the insurance company itself, as well as competitive brands.

Alliant then mapped the potential audience to their prospect database of 270M consumers to identify the top candidates for direct mail using a custom optimization model and deep demographic, transactional and behavioral insights.



Leveraging the SpotRight platform, Alliant produced a new source of prospects while achieving a cost per acquisition (CPA) 68% better than campaign average. The insurance marketer was thrilled with the results and now considers Alliant a key source for data innovation and audience targeting solutions.

SpotRight is a strategic partner for Alliant, bringing in hard-to-find nuances in an easy-to-use platform. Our clients love the laser focused audiences we can deliver across channels!

Donna HamiltonSVP, Product and Partnerships, Alliant