Case Study


Coegi’s award-winning team streamlines programmatic media buying for agencies and media buyers by providing a best-in-class technology stack and platform management team. Coegi’s client is a global computer technology manufacturer with the objective of generating online sales of business laptop computers from small to mid-size businesses.


The computer manufacturer’s main prospects are high-value information technology decision makers, who are notoriously difficult to engage online. There is heavy competition online among technology providers to engage and market to this audience and it is difficult break through with brand messaging.


Coegi partnered with SpotRight to take advantage of SpotRight’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine to build and reach distinct audiences at scale quickly. The Coegi team leveraged the SpotRight platform to curate an audience of IT decision makers utilizing social engagement data for the client’s key competitors, layered with the brand’s B2B computer technology purchasing profile. This resulted in a highly targeted audience that had the scale needed to meet the brand’s KPIs. The multi-channel campaign included connected TV, display and social advertising.


SpotRight custom audiences outperformed leading B2B data providers with a cost per acquisition (CPA) that was 40%-266% lower, and a 750% lower CPA than private marketplaces (PMPs) for vertical-specific publishers!

Notably, the click through rate (CTR) for SpotRight audiences was 2x-3x of any other targeting approach, including retargeting, for this hard-to-engage audience.

“This campaign was a massive success. The client was thrilled with the campaign’s performance for this hard to reach audience, while lowering their conversion costs at the same time!” Sean Cotton, CEO, Coegi