Case Study


Coegi’s award-winning team streamlines programmatic media buying for agencies and media buyers by providing a best-in-class technology stack and platform management team. One of Coegi’s agency clients, True Media, challenged them to drive online mortgage applications for their client, Central Bancompany.


The mortgage application process often consists of multiple touchpoints and life triggers, making it difficult to identify key opportunities to engage and convert consumer audiences. Typical campaigns use 3rd party in-market segments and demographic criteria to find prospective consumers. However a different targeting approach was needed to find new prospects.


Coegi partnered with SpotRight to take advantage of SpotRight’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine to build and reach distinct audiences at scale quickly. Using SpotRight’s AI tool to model custom audiences, the Coegi team was able to craft unique segments based on consumers interested in mortgage information and rates, together with their Central Bancompany’s social media engagers and those of their main competitors. They were then able to reach new prospects who were likely to apply for mortgages online.


The modeled audiences were run together with standard targeting to compare performance. The SpotRight segments significantly outperformed both demographic and in-market targeting:

  • 46% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and 4% lower cost per thousand (CPM) than demographic targeting
  • 200x lower CPA and 48% lower CPM than in-market segments

“This campaign is an excellent example of how Coegi uses SpotRight to effectively scale beyond 1st party and retargeting audiences while maintaining comparable ROAS/CPA metrics,” said Sean Cotton, Coegi CEO.