People-Based Audiences That Don’t Kill Your Budget

Target your best prospects with custom audiences at off-the-shelf prices, in the digital media buying platforms you’re already using

True to our mission, SpotRight makes it easy to define an audience set using the characteristics or data that matters to you.
Based on the analyses you create in PersonaBuilder, our artificial intelligence platform finds over 4,000 of the most useful and distinguishing characteristics of that group including brand engagement, media and publishers, influencers, retail and grocery purchases, and demographics. We then onboard the audience into the social and digital media-buying platforms you use every day.
With the push of a button, the insights you use to fuel your marketing strategies are programmatically tied to the audiences you target. And here’s the best part:
Testing with a large set of individual-level purchase data, we found that our algorithms predict which potential audience members are 10x more likely to be a buyer!


“With SpotRight we’ve developed a deeper understanding both of existing donor segments and of prospective donors, which has helped us identify new marketing channels and optimize how we reach our target audiences.”



Get Strategy & Media On The Same Page

Does this sound familiar? The account strategists and planners use loads of consumer insights, research, and customer data to identify the perfect target, let’s say Hispanic millennial jeep lovers. They hand the profile off to the media team, who then set out to buy that audience – or at least the audience that most closely matches it. But let’s face it – there’s often a disconnect between the plan and the media buy because there is a mismatch between the original target and the available audiences. Result? Ho hum performance.

Not anymore! AudienceBuilder uses the insights from PersonaBuilder to programmatically create a custom audience based on your target’s characteristics. No interpretation, no backfitting, just on point audiences onboarded directly to your platform of choice. Result? The strategist creates a winning plan. The media buyer crafts a high performing campaign. And the brand reaps the benefits.

Audiences Where You Want Them When You Need Them

AudienceBuilder to onboard your audiences directly to the social and digital media platforms you use today. We are integrated with more than 500 marketing platforms to be able to send your audience wherever you want it, whenever you need it, with no onboarding fees.
When it is time to build and deploy the campaign, the media buyer logs into the platform, loads the creative, sets the budget and selects the custom audiences for targeting at no additional fee in most cases.

Curious to know if we’re connected to your platform of choice? Click here for the full list.

Who Eats Peeps?

Confession time. As a kid, I liked Peeps. I also liked cotton candy and giant lollipops and everything else that I now tell my child will rot his teeth and cause cavities. But it’s Easter, which means Peeps are in stores everywhere, telling me that someone is purchasing these dyed sugar balls….enough so that 1.5 billion of them are consumed each spring. Who is tweeting about Peeps helps us understand who is purchasing Peeps…

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Use Insights to Craft Killer Audiences!

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