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Making a Difference #LikeAGirl

The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape. -Bono I have never successfully started a global movement; though throughout much of my teenage and adult life I have raised local awareness, volunteered, and organized teams for varied causes including engaging the deaf community, mentoring to […]

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Lessons from Pretty Little Liars

Over the last several years how we consume media has changed dramatically. No longer do you flip through a magazine, you scroll through it. You don’t have to pack ten books to read at the beach when you can have 100 titles on your Kindle. Remember huddling around the television set to watch the season […]

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Not Your Father’s Campaign Measurement

Social Audience Insights Bring Better Results to Automaker and Their Agency THE CLIENT The client is a leading auto manufacturer with an impressive legacy of innovation and a loyal customer base. However the manufacturer is looking for growth with new, younger audiences. With the automotive industry’s heavy use of mass media, the client knows they […]

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What Do Boulder, CO and Little Rock, AR Have in Common?

Not much, until now. Last year was a great year for us at SpotRight.  We grew revenue 6x and grew our client base with several F1000 brands and partners. We continued to participate in the rapid convergence of offline and online data, the value of which has been validated in recent transactions like LiveRamp (acquired […]

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