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Better – Faster – Free!!!

Let us show you how Persona Builder could be the time saving ace in your pocket as you craft your marketing strategies.

Persona Builder is better – than anything you’ve ever used before. Leveraging our patented technology, the insights in Persona Builder are crafted from the intersection of the worlds of social and consumer data.

You’ll work faster – because you won’t have to find multiple insight sources yourself – or ring Joanie in the research department up on the 12th floor for access to a report. Or two. Or three.

It’s free – we’re convinced your time savings and happy customers will make the tool pay for itself.

“Using SpotRight, we have been able to uncover and deliver real world insights for our clients grounded firmly in real, dynamic data, and this enables our customer personas and journeys to live and continuously evolve.”

Mark Donatelli
Global Head of Data Strategy & Planning
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide