Media Platform Integrations

Use AudienceBuilder to onboard your audiences directly to the social and digital media platforms you use today. We are integrated with more than 150 marketing platforms to be able to send your audience wherever you want it, whenever you need it, with no onboarding fees.
If your desired platform destination is not listed below, simply contact us and we will work on integrating your desired platform – It’s just that easy to work with SpotRight!

Get More From Your Marketing Metrics

Just because your marketing metrics work doesn’t mean they’re ideal. All too often marketers overlook metrics that could deliver greater customer engagement and increase ROI. The reasons? Many marketers get hooked on metrics that are easy to use, or they simply follow...

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SpotLight on SpotRight: Meet Wil Adamec

A software developer here at SpotRight, Wil Adamec is a member of our crack engineering team that keeps everything - from the 150M data refreshes a day, to the UI our clients see, to the Apple TV needed to share something during a team meeting - running and humming...

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