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Use AudienceBuilder to onboard your audiences directly to the social and digital media platforms you use today. We are integrated with more than 150 marketing platforms to be able to send your audience wherever you want it, whenever you need it, with no onboarding fees.
If your desired platform destination is not listed below, simply contact us and we will work on integrating your desired platform – It’s just that easy to work with SpotRight!

How to Use Consumer Insights for Superior Targeting

They say the “customer is king.” As far as clichés go, this one is a staple in the world of marketing. But how do you know when you’re putting the customer first? The answer: you tap into consumer insights. In this action-packed guide, you’ll learn how to collect rich...

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The Customer Data That’s Like Lightning in a Bottle

The most valuable customer data marketers can have is data that gets consumers to convert. That data is rarely broad demographics alone. More often, nuanced behavioral and attitudinal attributes underlie the best performing campaigns. In fact, 56 percent of U.S....

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The Influencer Marketing Playbook

At the time of writing, this is how popular Influencer Marketing is, as quantified by Google Trends: To make this clearer, 35,000 global searches are made every month for the term “influencer marketing.” That’s 35,000 marketers looking to sharpen their influencer...

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