Media Platform Integrations

Use AudienceBuilder to onboard your audiences directly to the social and digital media platforms you use today. We are integrated with more than 150 marketing platforms to be able to send your audience wherever you want it, whenever you need it, with no onboarding fees.
If your desired platform destination is not listed below, simply contact us and we will work on integrating your desired platform – It’s just that easy to work with SpotRight!

Coegi Boosts Computer Tech Sales with SpotRight Audiences

Case Study Client Coegi’s award-winning team streamlines programmatic media buying for agencies and media buyers by providing a best-in-class technology stack and platform management team. Coegi’s client is a global computer technology manufacturer with the objective...

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Great Predictions Start with Fantastic Data

Last month my wife and I headed down to the Gulf Coast for a long weekend.  The week before we were to leave I pulled up the forecast on my phone to see what we could expect.  Good news for us - sunshine and moderate temperatures were expected. That’s when it hit me....

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