We give agencies a competitive advantage.  We help brands make money and save money.  Our difference is in the data.  We create the best audience intelligence by combining multiple sources of social and third party data into relevant information that is easy to use.

social behavior + demographics + retail purchases + financial data + news sources + geography + occupation + automotive data + social conversations + brand affinities + charitable causes + CPG purchases + lifestyle interests + media markets + political persuasions + tv shows + ethnicity = unique Insights and Audiences

PersonaBuilder™ is our web-based, marketing insights application that gives you quick access to rich social media behavior combined with trusted consumer data from our patented technology platform.

Lacek Group“We are able to further dimensionalize customers by using SpotRight, which drives deeper understanding of customers, unlocks business opportunities, and improves the effectiveness of personalized communications.”


At Spotright, we make things easy for our customers. It’s one of the core values that influences all our key decisions – from hiring to product design. Our client support teams are easy to work with and helpful. We built PersonaBuilder to be easy as well. We make it easy to upload or build the audience group you want to understand. With SpotRight, it’s easy to discover what your audience cares about and what makes each group special and unique. We curate billions of data points into easy to understand and meaningful graphics. And we want your insights to be easy to use, so we make the analysis available not only in the app, but also as .csv files, excel spreadsheets, and in a detailed, descriptive PDF report. Ultimately, we make it easy to take action that you can trust because your decisions are based on real data. 

Brady Gadberry
SpotRight Chief Product Officer

Fast Insights, Easy to Understand

PersonaBuilder offers powerful insights from billions of data points across a broad set of information.  But that’s not enough. We also want it to be very easy to discover what makes your customers unique and special. PersonaBuilder ‘reads’ the analysis for you to pull out key customer characteristics that help you quickly understand your audience. We then show you these and other highlights plus the categories of brands and interests your group engages with in a simple, intuitive user interface.

Targeting the Right Media Markets or Micropolitan Areas

When taking marketing action it is often critical to know not only about your customers, but also where they are. PersonaBuilder shows you the geographic distribution of your audience  by media market (Designated Marketing Area) and shows how that compares to our baseline population.  In addition to media markets, you can understand where your audience is by toggling between regional, state, and metro/micropolitan area views.

Purchase Data to Inform Your Strategy

With purchases aggregated from more than 1,500 retail outlets, understand how your customers are spending their money. What they are buying tells you about what they value – do they prioritize house and home or outdoor activities? Does their affinity for fashion brands actually translate into dollars spent, or are they merely aspirational? Purchase behavior also helps uncover opportunities for creative bundling of items or potential partnerships.

Drive Creative and Personalization

Understand your group’s brand affinities and interest preferences at a glance. SpotRight has curated tens of thousands of brands, activities, media outlets, influencers and more, so that you can quickly and fully understand what interests and influences their daily life. You will see the connection between your audience and the passions that drive their behaviors.  

PersonaBuilder also gives you the data to choose the media, publications and influencers to best connect with your audience. With deep data insight ready in hours, strategy and creative work hand in hand.

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