social behavior + demographics + retail purchases + financial data + news sources + geography + occupation + automotive data + social conversations + brand affinities + charitable causes + CPG purchases + lifestyle interests + media markets + political persuasions + tv shows

In one place. In one view that can be configured the way you want it. PersonaBuilder – the Easy Button for persona creation



Get the right insights faster

As a representation of your ideal customer, personas sit at the heart of every marketing strategy to know how, when and where to engage consumers. The more your personas are built from unique insights rather than intuition, the more successful you’ll be. With SpotRight’s PersonaBuilder, you don’t have to start with reams of reports, social listening logs, or months of planning for a focus group. In one easy to digest view, understand:

  • the demographics that shape your audience’s buying patterns
  • interests and brand affinities, based on real behavior – not self reported input
  • your audience’s political leanings and media preferences
  • the qualities that influence how your ideal customer engages with your brand

Have it your way

Your audience: Those people talking about #GetFit. Or women who are new moms. With PersonaBuilder, you can start creating marketing personas with the characteristics that are most important to you, and then discover the insights that make the difference between ho hum engagement and an ongoing customer relationship that rocks. Start building your personas based on:

  • keywords or phrases
  • demographics
  • brand followers
  • your own list of emails or Twitter handles