Our patented consumer profiling platform is the cornerstone of timely, relevant and accurate consumer profiles. It allows us to capture consumer social behavior and connect it to multiple trusted offline data sources to inform your marketing strategy.

Social media can provide contextual, timely insight into the connections between people, brands, and interests. But with only a small percentage of people actually generating content, we weren’t satisfied only to mine conversations and tweets. We sought to understand consumer behavior – who people engage with and how they consume media – and to do this we needed to bypass the easy route of simply counting “likes” or “follows,” or listening for keywords or hashtags.

Social analytics are compelling, but we also wanted to understand these social connections within the context of who consumers really are – and not just what they share on social media. (This might be a good time to mention we’re a bunch of data nerds we have a strong pedigree in making consumer data actionable for marketers.) This quest resulted in a patented technology that allows us to ingest massive amounts of unstructured, social data and link that to help organizations understand their audiences, create engagement strategies and inform smart content creation.