Introducing the end of stale insights derived from old data. We’re fresh bread. Others are just croutons from a box.

SpotRight’s products are grounded in the linking of an audience’s social media behavior with other real world data such as demographics, purchase and auto data. Relied on by global brands and agencies to improve marketing strategy and its implementation,  SpotRight puts creative intelligence that will inform your ideas, innovations, and campaigns rapidly at your fingertips. It’s just that easy.


As the cornerstone of all marketing strategies, marketing personas based on real insights are vital to marketing success. Despite this, we could not find a single tool agencies and brands could use to craft client-ready personas quickly and easily. So we made one ourselves.


GraphMassive sits at the heart of everything SpotRight has to offer. We’ve graphed billions of connections and relationships – brands and interests consumers like, follow, and engage with – and linked it to proven, actionable data at an individual level. We make this insanely deep set of consumer insights available in a convenient format to execute the awesome strategy you’ve crafted and bring it to life.

The Marketing Cloud and the Convergence of Data

David Vap knows how technology and business processes can come together to create opportunity. In this interview he explains how the marketing cloud is enabling innovations that create positive outcomes not just for marketing, but for businesses as a whole.

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