How Brands Should Be Working With “Fantastic Beasts” and Where to Find Them

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the Harry Potter spinoff film starring Eddie Redmayne, premieres this weekend. It has already received high praise from critics and has a huge amount of hype from the Harry Potter fan base. With a movie that is predicted to perform so well in theaters, are the top brands of its fans utilizing this connection to their advantage? We analyzed the fans of the “Fantastic Beasts” official account to check it out.

Upon first glance of the analysis, it was abundantly clear that fans of the Harry Potter books and films are very involved within its “world.” When we looked at the top interest categories by index and top interests by count, we saw several Harry Potter related accounts. From spinoff humor accounts like @hogwartslogic, to the digital “wizarding world” platform Pottermore, to actors from the films such as Emma Watson and Tom Felton and author J.K. Rowling herself, fans have truly covered their bases in keeping up with the Harry Potter franchise.



With such a strong and involved fanbase, brands should be taking opportunities to incorporate “Fantastic Beasts” and the wizarding world of Harry Potter into their marketing. The top followed brand categories by index of these followers include household toys, bookstores, travel destinations and beauty.


Some of these brands already have ties to Harry Potter. For example, Funko Toys create collectible figures of characters from several major films. But there are many ways these groups could incorporate “Fantastic Beasts” into their advertising besides obtaining rights to develop a product. Bookstores could host themed events, travel destinations could buy ads on Pottermore, beauty companies could reach out to Emma Watson for a collaboration or toys could produce general wizarding products.

Brands don’t necessarily need to be partnered with or a sponsor of something in order to incorporate similar themes and messages into their advertising to reach a specific audience. With the right data and creative tactics, there are many ways to get involved with huge fan bases such as the one following “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”