The Foodies Guide to New York

The annual New York City Wine and Food Fest (NYCWFF) begins this week! The event, sponsored by Food Network and The Cooking Channel, bring the top 500 names in food to speak, teach, cook and eat. And along with them will be the most passionate foodies.

But who are the foodies of NYCWFF? And more importantly, where do they eat when they’re not at high end food and drink festivals? We analyzed the fans of the festival to find out and created the perfect NYC day for the foodie in you.

It would not be surprising if we picked a NYCWFF follower at random and they were somewhere around 40 years old, making an annual income of a little over $100,000 and living in NYC. The data shows that forty percent of these followers are between 36 and 50, fifty percent have an income of $100,000 or more and a third of them live in New York.

nycwff-age nycwff-income nycwff-map

And these people know their stuff. Or at least, they keep up with it. The top three followed brands include festival sponsor Food Network, Whole Foods Market and Zagat, the popular restaurant rating system. Within the top three followed interests are Food & Wine Magazine and Bon Appetit Magazine — both food and culture publications.

nycwff-interests nycwff-magazines

If our average foodie were out and about in NYC on a Saturday, here’s where they may visit, according to the data.

Brunch: Jane Restaurant

Appearing at number three in the top followed by index restaurant category, this NYC eatery has an impressive six menus from snacks to Saturday brunch to drinks and more. Since there’s only one location and it is followed by nearly 15% of the 7,600 @NYCWFF followers, we can safely assume this is a true foodie fave.

Lunch: 5 Napkin Burger

Coming in sixth on the same top followed list, this NYC-based small chain has over ten signature burgers and thousands of followers. It even appeared as number three in Zagat’s most popular New York City restaurants in 2015. Locals, tourists and @NYCWFF followers seem to be huge fans.

Dinner: Barbuto

Saving the best for last, Barbuto was the most followed restaurant by index of @NYCWFF followers with over a whopping twenty percent of the group following the “Italian brasserie.” Its twitter bio describes itself as a “New York restaurant icon,” and for good reason. Head chef  Jonathan Waxman has written multiple cookbooks and was even named the 2016 James Beard Award winner for “Best Chef, New York City.”

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