Growing up with Bridget Jones

Any true “chick-flick” fan knows and loves the classic “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” It’s even listed under Wikipedia’s example of “chick flicks.” In 2001, Bridget Jones was the relatable young, single woman whose journey to self-improvement and love caught the attention of fans around the world. The latest installment in the series, “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” is coming nearly fifteen years after the first. The movie is described on as, “the continuing adventures of British publishing executive Bridget Jones as she enters her forties.”

As Bridget Jones has moved into adulthood, have her fans? We analyzed the followers of the movie’s official Twitter account, @Bridget_Jones, to see who the Bridget Jones fan is today.


And it seems as if her fans have grown up with her. Our stereotypical “chick-flick” viewer is a female. Over eighty percent of the movie’s followers are female. The data also shows us that forty-one percent of “Bridget Jones’s Baby’s” fans are between 30 and 55. Older than the age of Bridget Jones in the first film, where she played a 28-year-old. This audience more aligns with the presumable character of Jones today, where she will portray a 43-year-old woman.

We also can see that sixty percent of fans live in a household with the presence of children. So we can gather that a majority of the fans are mothers.


This is even further illustrated when we look at the top brands this group engages with. Within the top five groups, we see that three of the categories are children or household products.


Beyond stating the obvious, that these followers are moms, what does that mean? I think it’s safe to gather that these fans have been fans since the beginning of Bridget Jones and are following along with her story. People are resonating with her life journey and are feeling nostalgic.

Brands should use this information to capitalize on the fact that nostalgia is one of the most powerful tools in gaining an audience. Even Forbes says so. Whether it’s advertising with movies or films that will resonate with your target audience or developing campaigns based around popular concepts from years ago, that nostalgic boost will get loyal fans to you every time.