Who Is Interested In The Legend of Tarzan? Kids or Parents?

Warner Brothers’ newest box office hit is “The Legend of Tarzan,” swinging into theatres July 1. Based off the classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but made popular in Disney’s 1999 movie “Tarzan,” this adaptation focuses on Tarzan and Jane’s return to the jungle years after settling in London.

We analyzed “Legend of Tarzan’s” Twitter following because we were interested in uncovering who the audience for this new Tarzan is. Kids? Teens? Parents? And who are they following? We wanted a clear picture of the likes, dislikes and interests of the ultimate Tarzan fans.

Turns out, 45 percent of the film’s followers are between 36 and 55 years old; 15 percent of them between 46 and 50. Altogether, that’s nearly half their following. Only 35 percent were 35 and younger. Overwhelmingly, we’d say “The Legend of Tarzan’s” audience falls primarily into the age range of parents.

Maybe it’s because parents are the ones who will buy the tickets. Or, maybe because with the film’s PG-13 rating, its ideal audience is an older crowd as opposed to young children. It could be that the 36-55 crowd is full of fans of Alexander Skarsgård, the star of the film.

Tarzan Age

Whatever the reason may be, with the majority demographic established, we can examine the brands and interests to determine the ideal advertisers.

So, knowing this 36-55 year old age range, who would the best advertisers be? Not children’s products, TV shows and games. Even teen networks, influencers and media personalities aren’t necessarily the best choice.

Within “The Legend of Tarzan’s” followers, one of the top followed categories is household brands, including companies such as Clorox and Keurig. Stores also fell within the top five brand categories and included companies such as Kohl’s and Target. These are companies we would all associate with parents and adults as opposed to children and teens.

Tarzan brands


Our recommendation is these particular brands, along with other common brands such as Dawn, Wal-Mart and Kitchen Aid for example, should be finding ways to advertise with “The Legend of Tarzan.” Whether it’s promoted social media ads targeted toward people who like and follow the film’s pages and accounts, or buying ad space in theatres before the movie begins, the placement will be truly beneficial in reaching an interested and receptive audience.

Quantitative, analytical research like this proves time and time again even our best guesses can be wrong. Who would have guessed “The Legend of Tarzan’s” biggest audience by far is those over age 36? Toy companies better put their ads away and save their money for another opportunity.