Moms Love #SipShareWin More Than The Late Late Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the overwhelming presence “The Late Late Show” has created over the past year and a half. Through its viral Carpool Karaoke videos, to its all-star guest lineup and unique talk show format of having both guests on the couch at once, host James Corden and “The Late Late Show” are becoming household names. On August 1, McDonald’s will be ending its Sip. Share. Win! sweepstakes. Customers were encouraged to post videos of themselves singing with their McDonald’s Coca-Cola cups as a microphone to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #SipShareWin and #Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a VIP experience at “The Late Late Show” complete with airfare, hotel and transportation.

But are the people who watch “The Late Late Show” the same people who are entering #SipShareWin?

Turns out, moms are the top group of people entering their singing videos into the contest. When we analyzed the hashtag #SipShareWin, we saw that almost half of the audience were women ages 31-50. Seventy-two percent of all Twitter entries came from women and 46 percent were between the ages of 31 and 50.

sip share win demos

Just being a woman between 31 and 50 doesn’t guarantee motherhood. But, since we have a household composition of 73 percent having a presence of children and the number one interest being parenting among the #SipShareWin group, moms are our best guess.

sip share win interests

And not to our surprise, the top followed brand of people using this hashtag was McDonald’s with over 35 percent of the group following the account.

sip share win brands

So are these the same people following “The Late Late Show?” Out of the 315,000 followers, 64 percent are female, 42 percent are between the ages of 31-50 and 57 percent have a presence of children in the home.

Late Late show demos

While this isn’t too different from the #SipShareWin analysis group, the real differences begin to show when it comes to other age groups and interests. “The Late Late Show’s” following of 16 to 25 year olds is 16 percent while #SipShareWin is only 10 percent.

#SipShareWin’s top interest was parenting. “The Late Late Show’s” was events including everything from the Golden Globes to Coachella.

Late Late show interests

What was the most surprising is the difference in interests. Within “The Late Late Show’s” following, the top eight interests were all members, past and present, of the boy-band One Direction as well as their official band account and James Corden. Over 50 percent of the followers also follow Harry Styles.

Late Late show interests 2

Corden’s connection to One Direction as previous music video director and special The Late Late Show segments, such as Tattoo Roulette and Dodgeball, more than likely plays a role in these findings, but within the #SipShareWin top 200 interests, none of the band members appear until well after the top 100.

So moms love The Late Late Show, but they love #SipShareWin more. That data doesn’t lie. Perhaps if McDonald’s wanted to expand the range of people participating in the contest, they should have had members of One Direction promote the event.