Are the New Star Wars Movies Appealing to New Audiences?

Last December, fans eagerly waited for the first Star Wars episode in 10 years. Last December while fans were waiting, we looked at who those fans were, and found that the average Star Wars fans was a 46-year-old male who was married with children. Their average income fell between $75,000 and $124,000, and the majority of Star Wars followers lived in single-family homes in highly urban areas.

Given Disney’s strategy to release a new Star Wars film every year for six years, we were curious to see how the franchise audience is evolving, so we turned to PersonaBuilder and conducted a new analysis on the same group we studied last year: fans of @StarWars.

Who’s waiting with baited breath for Rogue One? Mainly white men in their 40s, but the audience has changed from last year. In 2015 the average fan age was 46, now it is 42. The films are attracting a more affluent audience too, with nearly 60% of the audience earning $75K and more annually. This is definitely a saga that appeals to parents and children alike, with children present in the majority of households. That’s absolutely reflected in the brands this group follows: a mix of toys, family travel, and sports cars for those affluent dads to speed around in.



The interests of this group of fandads (come on, you didn’t want to call these guys fanboys, did you?) definitely reflect their love of Star Wars and epic characters.


It looks like Disney is doing a great job of keeping fans loyal to the Star Wars franchise, giving them reasons to keep coming back year after year. We’ll know more about Rogue One tomorrow, after our own head of product, Brady, has had a chance to go to tonight’s premier with his family. Will they be back for 2017’s installment? He’ll have to let us know.