How to Reach Indie and Rap Music Fans

Let’s say you work in the music industry and you’ve been assigned to create a promotion that will appeal to fans of both “hipster” and rap music. Would you believe us if we told you that a commercial featuring Ellen Degeneres eating fried chicken with a zombie would be the best way to do it?

Bon Iver will be releasing their album “22, A Million,” on Sept. 30 which will be their first release in nearly five years. Led by singer Justin Vernon, the indie band is considered a staple of “hipster” music.

Surprisingly Bon Iver has worked and collaborated with multiple artists outside the genre. Big-name rappers such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean are among the few. Does this mean Bon Iver’s fans could expand the reach of its hipster kingdom? How are the Twitter followers of these very different musicians similar? We analyzed Bon Iver’s and West’s followers to see.

bon-iver-demosBon Iver (58% female, 42% male, 42% 26-40)

kanye-demos-2Kanye West (60% female, 40% male, 43% 26-40)

Beginning with the broadest of commonalities, these artist’s followers demographics very much resemble one another. There is generally a 60/40 ratio of female to male followers and around forty percent, of their following falling between 26 and 40 years old.

Bon Iver and West fans overlap further in terms of brands. For example, both artists’ followers’ top brands by depth of interest were household music brands such as Gibson, Fender and Martin.

bon-iver-brandsBon Iver

kanye-brands-2Kanye West

While these similarities and overlap are interesting, it isn’t necessarily notable and may not help you with that ad campaign you need to create. Where we begin to see truly unique correlations showing us how these fans can be similar to each other, is further into the data.

Like chicken. fried chicken, specifically. Within each of these groups of followers’ top two restaurants, a different fried chicken chain was present. Nando’s for Bon Iver  and KFC for West.

bon-iver-restaurantsBon Iver

kanye-restaurantsKanye West

Zombies and Ellen Degeneres seemed to be another recurring theme. The Walking Dead, The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live and The Ellen Show were within the top TV shows for each audience, Ellen being number one for each.

bon-iver-tvBon Iver

kanye-tvKanye West

It’s these uncommon outcomes that can make the difference when it comes to creating unity and overlap in an audience. Such as one between hipsters and rap fans.

The main take-away from this data is that different genres of music and their followers do not stand as sole pillars. There is overlap and similarities that can be used to the advantage of marketers. By doing the research and backing it up with facts, you can uncover unique factors that can assist in advertising and marketing.