Why Rolling Stone Needs Back-To-School Ads

This week marked the beginning of another school year for many across the country. It also marks the slowdown of the annual back-to-school ads and shopping events. We analyzed the hashtag, #backtoschool, to see who was using it the most and who should be using it more.

Some of our findings were expected. Parenting was the interest most likely to be followed by the hashtag users with an overall demographic of sixty-six percent female and the largest age group being between 36 and 40 — your average mom.

Back to school demos

Also not surprising that these #backtoschool users were mothers due to the associated hashtags had to do with sweepstakes or giveaways. Who doesn’t want free school supplies for themselves or their child?

Back to school content

Within the top five interests, social media influencers, nonprofits, magazines and finance media were also included. With this majority mom demographic, we assumed the top magazines within the interest would probably include Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living and the like. What actually showed up was pretty interesting.

Back to School interests

Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Elle Magazine and InStyle made up the top five magazine accounts followed. News, fashion and music magazine are major outlets for this group.

School supplies brands such as BIC, Sharpie, Five-Star, Elmer’s, Crayola and more, shouldn’t only be placing their ads in the standard home living magazines. Beyond the parenting outlets and influencers, they should be focusing their marketing dollars into working with these magazines.

Are you confident in your audience’s behaviors and brands? Would you have guessed more moms shopping for back-to-school supplies are reading Rolling Stone over Martha Stewart Living? Contact us today to find out how you can utilize data and be sure you’re reaching your intended audience.