A Second Look at Ghostbusters

The long-awaited return of Ghostbusters is almost here. Thirty two years after the popular movie took the world by storm, it’s coming back with an all-female cast. A few months ago we wrote a blog on the makeup of the new Ghostbusters’ fan. With the release date just a few days away, we decided to run another analysis to see if the fan has changed.

All the hype around the movie has pushed 15,000 new followers to the The Ghostbusters’ Twitter account since the last time we analyzed it. Who are these new followers? Well, the biggest news is that while just a few months ago almost 70 percent of Ghostbusters’ Twitter followers were men, today they make up only 57 percent. We have to attribute the rise in women followers to the all female cast that’s starring in the movie.

Our other discovery is that the comic-loving Ghostbusters’ fan is just as strong as ever. Despite switching to an all-female and experiencing some cast-led controversy, advertisers should know that the new fans are largely interested in the same brands as the old fans. Including Shout! Factory, Midtown Comics, Hasbro Funko and Disney Infinity with the additions of Nintendo, LEGO and Warner Brothers.

With this fan group bigger and stronger than ever, now is the time for advertisers to strike. Marketing agencies should be considering unique partnerships with the Ghostbusters brand in order to reach their strong fan base.

Brands from April analysis

Ghostbusters brands April

Brands from July analysis

Ghostbusters brands July



Even with a large increase of followers, Ghostbuster Twitter fans’ interest categories didn’t change. They’re still interested in movies and gaming. Which is why it’s no surprise that a new Ghostbusters video game was released a few weeks ago.

The other change in the new Ghostbusters fan base were some of the specific Twitter handles within the interest categories. When we first ran the analysis back in April, Ghostbusters’ fans were interested in movies such as Star Wars, Ted 2, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They still like Star Wars, but now are more excited about Avengers and Jurassic Park. Knowing the broad interests of your target audience is great, but knowing exactly what they’re interested in within each category is even better.

Interests from April analysis

Ghostbusters interests April

Interests from July analysis

Ghostbusters interests July

Despite the influx of Twitter followers, major cast changes in the movie and lots of media hype, the Ghostbusters fan is true to their roots and the group is stronger than ever.