Is Susan G. Komen the Top Name in Breast Cancer Awareness?

From the red leaves, to the orange Halloween decorations, to the pink ribbons, October is full of colors. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is one of the most widely recognized and promoted causes due to the commonality of the disease and the millions affected. People across the country host and participate in activities all with the goal of raising awareness and funding treatment research.

And when it comes BCAM, most have one name that comes to mind immediately: Susan G. Komen. The Susan G. Komen foundation was started by Nancy Brinker who promised her sister, Susan Komen, she would do everything she could to end breast cancer. Since 1982, the foundation has raised over $2.6 billion for breast cancer research, making it the world’s largest nonprofit for breast cancer fundraising. Its Race for the Cure has become one of the most recognizable fundraiser names.

But does Susan G. Komen dominate October as much as we think? We checked it out. We analyzed the foundation’s current campaign with WWE stars and other celeb’s hashtag, #MoreThanPink, the American Cancer Society’s current campaign with Chevy’s hashtag, #IDriveFor, and #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.

The BCAM hashtag yielded many responses. 25,910 to be exact. #IDriveFor had a total group of 3,073 while #MoreThanPink brought in 2,196. Both campaign hashtags were not only being used within their respective organization’s tweets, but by the partners as well.


We also wanted to look at which non-profits the people using the #BCAM hashtag were likely to follow. No surprise, Susan G. Komen comes in as the second highest indexing organization followed by this group, and Breast Cancer Care came in at #4.


What does this mean? While Susan G. Komen may not have as many followers as some organizations like the American Cancer Society, it is clearly very important to consumers concerned about breast cancer. To grow their follower base, the foundation has an opportunity to encourage some of the many people using their hashtags to follow them for the latest information about their research and events. And to those of you participating in one of the many Race for the Cure events this weekend, here’s to your success – both in running, and in fundraising!