The Tour de France, Gender and Marketing

If you know anything about cycling, or really anything about France, you know the world famous bike race, the Tour de France, is coming up soon. Over the course of 21 days, from July 2 to July 24, 22 teams of cyclers will race over 3,535 kilometers throughout the country of France. That’s nearly 2200 miles.

Over 21 days, there is a lot of room for advertising. From team jerseys to banners along the route to paid advertising and social media, there are endless opportunities. With so many options, there comes the hard question of who should even be venturing into advertising, especially with such a niche market here in the US.

It’s no surprise that among cyclers, those who follow Tour de France on Twitter have pretty similar interests. But, with Tour de France being a male only event, we analyzed the differences in the choice brands to see if there was a significant difference between male and female followers.

@LeTour has 2.5 million followers. We took a deep dive into the qualities of this audience in the US and found that 58 percent of those followers are male and 42 percent of those are female. These two groups share several similarities due to their common interests. Both male and females were likely to be interested in sporting events, live in a mountain region and have a net worth or home valued over one million dollars. This concept was also reflected in similar followed brands they like such as Livestrong, Ben & Jerry’s and foreign cars.

Tour De France unique facts


Tour de France top brands

However differences began to appear in industries such as technology and media. The two groups only had three common brands among the twenty between them. Garmin GPS, Starplex Cinemas and Skydance Film Company were those common denominators. Aside from Garmin, which bikers could use for GPS and tracking purposes when riding, the other two aren’t necessarily an obvious association with cycling. The other companies range from children’s networks to IT security to television manufacturers.

Tour de France top interests


These unexpected similarities and differences show the importance of data research. We’re sure Skyplex Cinemas did not realize they had a large Tour de France fan following while Garmin most likely did. Companies such as NBC Universal and CloudPassage should be looking for opportunities to get their name out there with Tour de France for those male followers. Samsung Pay and Nickelodeon should also be looking at their options to reach the female followers.

For those three common interest companies, we would recommend going all out. They know they have a large niche following that appeals to and interests both genders. For the different male and female interest brands, we’d say to look for opportunities that align with the 60/40 ratio of followers. Male interest brands should aim for slightly more placement then the female interest brands to correctly target the audience as whole.

These results continue to shock us and throw assumptions out the window. The data doesn’t lie and will be vital to these companies as the race approaches and plays out. We’re sure Skydance Films will be thanking us for this one.