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2017 Will Be the Year You Meet Your Customer

With holiday parties in our rear-view mirror and the glut of top 10 projections and predictions for 2017 fully digested and filed away, it’s time for a look at what all these predictions and the dynamics of our market mean for marketers like us. Specifically, which new developments in technology will help marketers focus even more clearly on the right consumer and audiences? And are the technologies needed for both marketing and the delivery of ads really separate?

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TruMC Wins New Clients with Smart Audience Intelligence

TruMC is a leading agency that started as a Hispanic media planning and buying group back in 2008, and now creates end-to-end marketing solutions for major brands to establish meaningful connections between brands and their consumers. TruMC uses data-driven insights as the foundation for their strategies, but has found it can be difficult to uncover insights on a wide variety of brands, such as a client’s competitor. In addition, research can be very time intensive and, depending on the data source, quite costly.

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Our Most Popular Blogs from 2016

This year we’ve tried really hard to give you a glimpse into our world of consumer insights by taking a weekly look at trending topics, pop culture, or something that was puzzling us and we thought might be puzzling you too. Here you’ll find a list of our most read blogs of 2016. Some of them were a surprise, some not so much, but we hope you’ll enjoy rereading some oldies but goodies!

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12 Fun Facts About Holiday Revelers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Hanukkah starting on Saturday, Christmas on Sunday, Kwanzaa on Monday and Festivus tomorrow, reasons for celebrations abound. In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, we’re giving our true loves 12 fun facts about holiday revelers so they (and you!) can amaze and delight family and friends with your festive knowledge at parties and feasts throughout the season…

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How to Find the Right Partners for Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

It’s planning time for 2017! In addition to our personal New Year’s resolutions (hello, marathon! OK, maybe 5K), many companies are also setting goals for the next year – a gazillion dollars in revenue, the CEO on the cover of the publication that only features the most brilliant business luminaries, and a slew of awards about being the best place on the planet to work. Who could want more? Unfortunately, many of those goals are beyond the control of just one company. But what is within reach is the way we treat others – both at a personal level and a company level. Many companies have formalized this in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

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What Does the Changing Martech/Adtech Landscape Mean for Marketers?

The end of the year always puts me in a reflective mood. Being a product guy, my first thought is to look back at the developments and progress we’ve made with our offerings as a company. To understand how successful we’ve been, I like to evaluate this against how well we’ve met, and continue to meet the needs of our clients – both today’s and tomorrow’s. What will tomorrow’s challenge be?

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What’s for Dessert? A Look at Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving means different things to many people. One person might say it is about getting together with family while for another person Thanksgiving means a day full of football. Some people might be busy scouring the sales ads and finding their most comfortable shoes in anticipation of Black Friday. Once upon a time, I thought Thanksgiving meant the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now I know better.

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Who Tweeted About Voting?

It’s been a historic, controversial and eventful week — to say the least. On Nov. 8, voters flocked to the polls and the country was glued to the news all night as Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States. Stats on stats were flying out on who was voting and who they voted for. Maps were broken down by race, education, age and more. Pretty much any potential breakdown you can think of. And, as we do, we took to the data.

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Where Cold & Flu CPGs Should Be Advertising

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Just kidding — it’s flu season. We’re approaching that time between the holidays when it feels like when you’re not at the mall Christmas shopping, you’re at the drugstore shopping for cold and flu medicine. Flu season is the peak time of advertising for CPG’s in the over-the-counter remedy arena. So we ask, in what geographies should their marketing efforts and money be going?

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The Foodies Guide to New York

The annual New York City Wine and Food Fest (NYCWFF) begins this week! The event, sponsored by Food Network and The Cooking Channel, bring the top 500 names in food to speak, teach, cook and eat. And along with them will be the most passionate foodies. But who are the foodies of NYCWFF?

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