What is a Person?

An Interview with Ken Dreifach At SpotRight we deal with consumer data every day and put great emphasis on its ethical collection and use. This is one reason why we are delighted to have Ken Dreifach as an advisor. Ken is one of the foremost digital data privacy...

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How to Use Data-Driven Marketing to Supercharge ROI

Is “data-driven marketing” truly revolutionizing the way we reach audiences? Or is it just another buzzword taking the business world by storm? According to Teradata, data-driven marketing is either embedded or strategic for 78% of marketers. So make no mistake: data is key in today’s measured and predictive climate. But what exactly is data-driven marketing?

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Influencer Marketing and the Importance of Storytelling

An Interview with Katie Duke of Acorn: The Influence Company
Acorn is a digital marketing agency that focuses on influence marketing. They boast a network of more than 7,000 content creators across multiple verticals and platforms. We recently sat down with Katie Duke, Director of Client Services, to learn more about how Acorn stays ahead of the curve in an increasingly popular space.

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The Advanced Guide to New Business Pitches

As an agency leader, you’re aware of the challenge of converting prospects into clients. The rise of quantifiable advertising and marketing approaches means top execs are more skeptical than ever. But this hurdle also presents an opportunity. One that shows your potential clients exactly how you’ll serve them. In this article, we’re going to show you how to make your new business pitches more watertight than ever.

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Customer-Centric Marketing: 9 Lessons from Top Brands

For many organizations, creating a customer-centric brand is high priority. When 87% of customers feel a brand needs a better customer experience, it’s time to listen. But a great customer experience isn’t a bag of tricks. It must be present in every aspect of the organization – from marketing and sales to product design and customer support.

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Who Eats Peeps?

Confession time. As a kid, I liked Peeps. I also liked cotton candy and giant lollipops and everything else that I now tell my child will rot his teeth and cause cavities. But it’s Easter, which means Peeps are in stores everywhere, telling me that someone is purchasing these dyed sugar balls….enough so that 1.5 billion of them are consumed each spring. Who is tweeting about Peeps helps us understand who is purchasing Peeps…

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7 Social Influencer Marketing Techniques to Supercharge Results

As the old marketing proverb goes: people are more likely to trust what others say about you over what you say about yourself. The challenge is getting people to talk about you in the first place. This is where social influencer marketing comes into play. It’s an approach that puts your message in the mouths of those your audience trusts the most. According to research from Twitter, 49% of consumers seek guidance from influencers on their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, 40% of those users said they had purchased something as a direct result from an influencer’s Tweet.

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Granular Targeting, One to One Engagement, Personalized Experiences

This month’s Client Spotlight is shining brightly on Cristin McGrath with Algenist. Cristin’s experience as a master of brand storytelling via social media made her a natural choice to lead the brand’s social media and public relations team. An emerging skincare and beauty brand, Algenist’s marketing strategy is now one informed by insights and tailored creative for a unique, granularly targeted approach.

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How to Generate Leads for New Business Acquisition

For agencies and service-based organizations, cash flow is oxygen. And as an agency leader, that means new business acquisition and lead generation is the oxygen supply. The problem is, it’s getting harder to generate the attention of decision makers. Especially in those “dream client” organizations. You’re not alone. According to B2B Marketing Community, the biggest challenge for 61% of B2B marketers is generating high quality leads.

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Marketing at the Intersection of Data and Creativity

Every month we interview one of our fabulous clients to learn about the opportunities and challenges they face every day, to learn from them. This month we spoke to Kevin Planovsky, Co-Founder and Principal of Vert and Kelsey Agnew, Vert’s Director of Strategic Planning. Vert’s position as a mobile-first digital marketing agency gives them a unique perspective on the use of audience insights and consumer data, especially in terms of mobility and personalization.

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Is Content Marketing Just Another Form of Advertising? An Interview with Bruce Biegel

Today we thought we’d share a conversation about content marketing and native advertising with our advisor Bruce Biegel, Sr. Managing Director of Winterberry Group, frequent industry speaker and thought leader.

“It’s great that we’re going to develop personas; next they need the content to go with those. Personas can get fairly granular, and they need to get content at the granular level.”

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2017 Will Be the Year You Meet Your Customer

With holiday parties in our rear-view mirror and the glut of top 10 projections and predictions for 2017 fully digested and filed away, it’s time for a look at what all these predictions and the dynamics of our market mean for marketers like us. Specifically, which new developments in technology will help marketers focus even more clearly on the right consumer and audiences? And are the technologies needed for both marketing and the delivery of ads really separate?

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