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Where Cold & Flu CPGs Should Be Advertising

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Just kidding — it’s flu season. We’re approaching that time between the holidays when it feels like when you’re not at the mall Christmas shopping, you’re at the drugstore shopping for cold and flu medicine. Flu season is the peak time of advertising for CPG’s in the over-the-counter remedy arena. So we ask, in what geographies should their marketing efforts and money be going?

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The Foodies Guide to New York

The annual New York City Wine and Food Fest (NYCWFF) begins this week! The event, sponsored by Food Network and The Cooking Channel, bring the top 500 names in food to speak, teach, cook and eat. And along with them will be the most passionate foodies. But who are the foodies of NYCWFF?

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The Emmy Awards vs. The Data

This past Sunday, people around the country tuned in to see the stars and creators of the best TV shows. The Emmy Awards honor and recognize outstanding television work, including fan favorites and those documentaries you’ve never heard of. But when it comes to fan favorites, does fan support reflect the actual results?

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Growing up with Bridget Jones

Any true “chick-flick” fan knows and loves the classic “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” It’s even listed under Wikipedia’s example of “chick flicks.” In 2001, Bridget Jones was the relatable young, single woman whose journey to self-improvement and love caught the attention of fans around the world. The latest installment in the series…

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Southern Loyalty in Football

Football season is finally here. With that comes fall weather, tailgating and friendly, or not-so-friendly, competition. And college football tends to bring out those competitive sides and fierce loyalty even more. Whether it be by location, alumni ties, family connections or more, that fan loyalty…

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The Only Thing U.S. Open Fans Have in Common is Tennis

Not all tennis fans are created equal. At least that’s what the data is telling us. When we looked at the different personas of men and women who follow the official U.S. Open Twitter account, we found quite a few surprising differences. Turns out, almost the only thing these groups of people have in common is tennis…

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Kanye’s Followers May Not Be Kanye’s Fans

Kanye West is a staple figure in pop culture. From his music, to his reality star wife, to his controversial tweets and even more discussed controversial lyrics, he’s garnered a lot of attention. And 25 million Twitter followers. But are those millions of followers actual fans of West and his music, or just keeping up with his antics to see what he’ll do next?

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Todd Greer on the Marketing Dynamics of Social Media

An Executive Q&A with Arkansas Business and our CEO, Todd Greer. In this interview, Todd explains the difference between offline consumer data and the dynamic world of social data, and explains how SpotRight helps clients understand audiences to turn them into...

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Why Suicide Squad Fans Love WWE and YouTube Stars

In the past few weeks, we’re sure you haven’t been able to get on any social media, watch TV or even talk to your friends without “Suicide Squad” coming up. The DC Comic film was the most talked about movie on Twitter of all time and had a cast lineup including big names like Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Cara Delevigne and more…

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