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Daily Fantasy Sports #DFS

Knowing little about college hoops my freshman year of college, I was talked into joining my dorm floor’s NCAA March Madness Bracket pool and threw in $20 so that I could be like one of the guys. Brackets were distributed and I quickly circled team names that sounded...

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Ken Dreifach New Opportunities from New Data

Ken Dreifach, a leading expert on consumer privacy and data, offers insight on the opportunities that emerge as data converges across multiple channels and from different sources. In particular he looks  at new techniques that enable digital marketing while protecting...

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Being Relevant in the Age of Context

Have you ever wondered how to spin mountains of marketing data into consumer insight gold? How to bring all of your channels and metrics into one comprehensive view? And how to add value for the consumers you care about without crossing the line into "I know...

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It’s Personal.

The Personalization Genie is Out of the Bottle. We all want personalization. My teenage boys spend hours customizing and personalizing their Nike Kobe 9 shoes…and their Mustang GT. Chipotle and Subway allow us to personalize our burritos and sandwiches. Pandora lets...

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Whose Debate Is It Anyway?

In September of 1960 the Kennedy and Nixon presidential debates changed how debates were won and lost. Did Twitter just help change the political landscape of debates again? A couple of weeks ago there were two Republican debates in one day. Depending on whom you ask...

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Stop. Listen. and Collaborate.

I didn’t get the headline wrong. I know it should be Stop, Collaborate and Listen (insert pulsing beat), but while that might work for a then-emerging pop star, it doesn’t work so well for marketers. It’s easy to get a group of smart people in a room to brainstorm....

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An Open Source Cure for Cancer

Working with and near technology for nearly 2 decades, I’ve watched the rise of open source technologies take hold and change the way just about everyone looks at building solutions. But I’m still probably too old fashioned to think of opening something like illness...

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Lessons from Pretty Little Liars

Over the last several years how we consume media has changed dramatically. No longer do you flip through a magazine, you scroll through it. You don’t have to pack ten books to read at the beach when you can have 100 titles on your Kindle. Remember huddling around the...

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