Build insight-driven marketing personas fast

You’ve got a great start on a marketing strategy – on an engagement plan. The audience is most definitely a coastal millennial. But how can you be sure? And what do you not know about them? What media do they prefer? Where do they get their news? Do they like dogs or cats? And how can you talk to them in a way that resonates and rises above the noise? With SpotRight’s PersonaBuilder, you can quickly and easily:

  • Win pitches, RFPs and show you understand your audience

  • Develop justifiable engagement strategies

  • Find fuel for your Big Idea

Better understand your audience

Your social listening platform is exploding every day. You hear them talking – about you or your fiercest competitor. But do you know who is talking? And what about the people who like your content, or follow you – who are they? SpotRight allows you to pull back the curtain to understand your audience and let you know if you’re hitting the mark or not. Are you talking to the right people? It’s time to:

  • Know who’s engaging with you, not just who’s talking
  • Understand if your target audience is interested in your content

  • Learn how to tweak your campaigns for better success



Compare audiences to uncover insights and competitive intelligence

When you’re creating an advertising strategy you want to understand what brings groups together, the common thread. And when you’re building customer engagement strategies you want to understand what makes groups distinct so their customer journey is uniquely theirs. Wouldn’t you like to understand the same things about the competition? Dive deep into your audience and your competitors’ to:

  • Compare the different groups in your customer base 
  • Understand which brands in your space are rising above the fold
  • See how your brand compares to your competitors
  • Learn what works in your industry – no matter whose campaign it is

Create kick ass content

You’ve got the Big Idea and the customer engagement strategy is laid out. Now it’s up to you to execute by creating content that resonates across myriad channels. You also need to make sure you’re speaking to the right audience, and that your multi-channel campaigns are working together to create the momentum you’re being measured on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • See your audiences’ social inbox to differentiate your content
  • Access unique insights that entice your audience to engage
  • Measure campaign traction with target audiences for social and mass media campaigns