Market Research

Find meaningful consumer insights faster

You’ve always had your go-to sources for information. You know how to find the needle in the haystack and how to give your strategists the input they need. But what about when you’re asked for an insane turnaround or for insights about an audience that’s not well represented in your panels?  SpotRight offers you:

  • A shorter path to understanding using multiple sources of powerful data
  • Access to audiences who are unwilling to participate in surveys or focus groups
  • The opportunity to understand the interests of the largest panel available – the entire Twitterverse



Craft laser-focused marketing personas

Your marketing team wants to reach a new, higher value audience and they need to learn everything they can about new college grads in the northwest who follow the latest YouTube star. What insights can you uncover to fuel the campaign’s big idea? Create effective marketing personas built on:

  • Personas built on timely, relevant insights. Not surveys from 2 years ago.
  • A wide understanding of your audience that’s not limited to one set of questions

Harness unique competitive intelligence

No company is an island, and no one is without competition. Use SpotRight to benchmark your brand against your competitors to find out:

  • Who’s taking your wallet share
  • What your audience thinks of your competitors
  • What your competitor’s audience thinks of you
  • How to differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace