Why Marketers Choose SpotRight

Leading marketers and agencies use us to win new clients and generate more revenue. How? We help them be more relevant to the audiences that matter. Got a question about your ideal customer or your fiercest competitor? SpotRight has the answer.


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Win New Business

Getting smarter faster is what it’s all about. Take a deep dive into who an audience is, and their likes and wants, to quickly understand a new market or industry.  

“SpotRight saves us two to six weeks preparing for new business pitches. With SpotRight, you have so much more time for productivity. We’re giving brands insights about their audience with confidence.”finn logo

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Finn Partners 

Spot Influencers

Uncover the influencers your audience engages with, and the influencers you’ve never met. It’s all about knowing who will capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

“SpotRight provides us with the ability to look beyond our influencers demographics and psychographics. We are able to ensure that we’re engaging the right audience and measure where conversations go organically. Our clients are thrilled with the quantitative and qualitative data we provide.”acorn logo small

Myra Braselton

Acorn Influence


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Drive Engagement

Start with audience intelligence as the foundation of your strategies based on real data about a group’s lifestage, interests, affinities and purchases. Then engage your audience segments and target the right personas with relevance.

“Success is all about relevance. The three things that drive relevance most are timeliness, locality and personalization. SpotRight helps us during and after planning and production phases to ensure we drive engagement.”

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Target the Right Audience

With a deep understanding of who your target persona is and where to reach them, connect the dots between your strategy and your campaign. It’s about understanding how to connect with people, where and when they want.  

“It completely changes the game when you actually know about your audience versus what you think you know.”algenist-logo small

Cristin McGrath


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Launch New Products

Know who’s likely to love your product before it hits the shelves. Using a competitor’s audience or people interested in a certain topic to go deep and understand this new, emerging audience.

“The ability to create a persona is great, especially when you are launching a new brand or developing its go to market plan. We’re helping our clients understand who the consumer base is going to be. This is excellent!”

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Multicultural Marketing

Niche audiences are our thing. That’s why we designed our platform to allow you to slice and dice your audience into a wide variety of ethnic segments, like coastal Latinas making $75K+ per year who love reality TV.  

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